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The Mom

We searched for the perfect Golden to be the mother of our Mini Goldendoodle puppies. We found her in Belgium from a breeder with 15 years of experience breeding sound, healthy, champion Golden Retrievers. Sophie not only has an AKC registered, multigeneration championship pedigree, her loving personality makes her the most wonderful addition to our family. She's never met a stranger and gets along well with everyone...people and animals. She's playful and affectionate, while at the same time laid back and gentle. Being intelligent and eager to please, she has been so easy to train and has excelled at obedience. Sophie has her health clearances: OFA good for hip clearance; OFA clearance for elbows and heart; DNA clear for PRA1 & PRA2; Eyes CERF clear.  Sophie is 59 lbs. and 20.5" at the shoulder.

Sophie is a fluffy, white Golden with beautiful, showy feathering. We knew she'd be a great mother, we just had to find the perfect father!











The Dad

Our search for the perfect Miniature Poodle led us to Nashville to Mary Ann Poindexter of AnnaDoodles. Mary Ann came highly recommended and has been involved in breeding excellent dogs for almost 20 years. We were impressed with her knowledge and expertise. She had the father we'd been looking for! Parker is an AKC registered, white Miniature Poodle who comes from a strong champion line.  Parker is 14 lbs. and 13 3/4" at the shoulder.

Parker's hips are OFA good, patellas OFA normal, VWd 100% cleared, clear of Legg-Calve-Perthes and CERF cleared. He is sweet, friendly and eager to please.