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Our Breeding Philosophy:

Breeding is easy. The hard part is getting the recipe right. The end result will always be directly related to the genetics of the parents—both in structure and temperament. Unfortunately, not all breeders take the time to search out the genetic history that will allow for the highest probability of a healthy and socially stable puppy.

Throughout our 15-year history of raising Mini Goldendoodles, we’ve seen a gradual and concerning trend towards large volume breeding couched in euphemisms like ‘raised in our network of guardian homes,’ etc. Guardian homes, numerous females and studs, multitudes of ‘doodle’ types, multi-state breeding arrangements and the like, all enable these breeders to produce a large volume of puppies in a very cost- effective way for the breeder. Sadly, this rarely allows for the highest quality sire and dam and even less time for proper one-on-one socialization and training of the puppies. These are key elements that greatly affect a puppy’s life.


What sets a Just Doodlin' puppy apart from the rest?

1. Many breeders advertising "English Cream" puppies never meet their European breeder or lay eyes on the dam and sire. It is much easier to import a Golden from breeders in certain countries overseas where they will simply fly them to you, sight unseen.  In contrast, we flew to Belgium to pick up Sophie as a puppy. We saw first-hand the home where she and her littermates spent their first eight weeks, all together with their parents.

2. Sophie comes from a line of European champions out of Belgium, Sweden, Ireland and England.  Every one of her ancesters, going back four generations, have multiple titles.

3. Temperament traits are inherited. Sophie is the most mellow and loving dog we've ever known. This is a major factor in the temperament of her puppies. The Miniature Poodle sire for her litters is sweet and friendly without any of the nervousness sometimes seen in mini or toy Poodles

4. We only raise one litter per year. Sophie lives in our home and is first and foremost our beloved family member.

5. We don't farm out the responsibility of each litter to others in order to increase the number of litters. For us, quality is what matters.

6. Sophie and her puppies stay together in our family room until the puppies go to their new homes. It is a very labor intensive eight weeks and they are watched around the clock. This goes a long way in early socialization and training. It is truly worth the effort as the rewards last a lifetime!